WHAT ARE PRESS-ON NAILS: Nails that give you a non-damaging, perfect manicure instantly for a fraction of the time and money spent in salons. Each nail set is limited edition, can be removed, reapplied and customized unless otherwise stated in the item description. 

IN EACH KIT: 10 of our luxury handmade press-on nails. Nail file, Buffer, Cuticle stick, Alcohol Pads, Adhesive Tabs, Nail Glue, and Instructions. Cuticle Oil can be purchase separately or it may be included with a purchase of $50+ before shipping and taxes.

I LOST A NAIL OR TWO! Unfortunately, at this time, we do not offer Replacement Nails.

WILL THEY FIT ME? Our nails fit everyone from a 13-year-old to a drag queen. They can be filed (if needed) to accustom more petite nail beds. They file easily only taking a few seconds to transform. We offer sizes for each customer to choose from to feel more comfortable and confident about your purchase.


1-2 days: Apply a thin strip of glue from your cuticle to tip (bring glue + nails with in case of emergency since you want the nails to come off fast and easy). Adhesive tabs are a great alternative for a short span use.

5-7 days: Apply a pea-sized dot of glue to each natural nail (adjust for pinkie). Spread around, don’t get too close to the skin as the glue will disperse when pressure is applied.

7-18 days: Follow five-seven day wear instructions. Apply a little extra glue to the back of the Static nail.

3. Let glue tack up for 6 seconds then align the nail slightly under your cuticle at about 45-degree angle. Using your thumb, press the nail down very firmly.  The more pressure the better. Ensure pressure is being applied to the entire nail. Hold for 25 seconds, the longer the better. - Done

It’s recommended to apply press-on nails to clean, bare natural nails. 

See our Application & Removal page for more details.

HOW TO REAPPLY? Apply the nails how you normally would, even for short wear applications. No maintenance is required in-between uses.

REMOVAL: The nails will not come off alone in water (even if you’re a hair stylist), however, we highly recommend soaking them in the hottest water you can comfortably stand for a few minutes prior to removal. This helps soften both the press-on nail and your natural nail making removal easier and safer.  Alternating between each side of the nail, gently lift.  The nail will literally “pop-off” when light pressure is applied if ready. Simply store your nails away to reapply later. Again, never force remove, which could cause very minor, fixable damage.

See our Application & Removal page for more details.

WILL THESE DAMAGE MY NATURAL NAIL? No, as long as the nails are not forced removed you will have zero damage or glue residue left over. See our Application & Removal page for more details.

DURABLE? Yes! With a weeks+ worth of glue (a pea-sized dot) and proper application you can garden, do laundry, change a tire, style hair, shower (yes, they stay on in water)… Whatever you need to do, our nails will stay on through. The adhesive tabs and/or glue can always be brought along in case of an emergency.

NAILS WON'T STAY ON: We promise, more glue will fix the issue. Please read the instructions before applying to help ensure you’re applying enough glue for your desired wear time.  If you did read them and are still having issues please try these tips:

  • In case you have more oily nail beds, gently buff your nail and swipe a little nail polish remover to each nail before applying to generate extra grip.

  • Still add more glue but never too much to where its dripping from your nails.

  • The longer and harder you hold the better. Hold down each nail with your thumb, ensuring it’s covering the ENTIRE surface of your nail.  If an area doesn’t receive pressure, air pockets will form causing the nail to come off early or inconsistently. Hold for 30+ seconds.

NAILS WON’T COME OFF: Never force remove the nails. Doing so could leave minor, but fixable damage (See our Application & Removal page for more details.) The only time nails are difficult to remove is when they are being removed prematurely. This means they are being forcibly removed on purpose or over gluing occurred during the application.  Over gluing can be accidental, it just means the amount of glue applied will keep the nails on longer than you originally intended.  In either case, we recommend keeping the nails on for a few more days before attempting to properly remove again. If nail length is the reason you want to remove the nails sooner due to work or personal preferences, soak your nails in soapy warm water until they become easy to remove.

GLUE RESIDUE: If your nail has glue build up from where your natural nail tip was, simply use a cuticle stick or nail clipper to clip it off - and done!  You can also use something stiff to push it off. Build up is caused from over-gluing which is totally okay. If you have a little glue residue on your natural nail, simply use the buffer included to remove and restore. This only happens if the nail was forced off on accident, air pockets occurred during application from lack of pressure/coverage of the entire nail, or from premature removal and is fixable with the above instructions. Taking care of your nails, in general, is important. Applying a cuticle oil over the entire nail followed by some hand lotion will keep your nails healthy regardless if you’re wearing The PRESSED ClawSet nails or not. Doing so will also repair them faster if recovering from forced removal.


RETURNS: Due to sanitary purposes, items are non-refundable.

DEFECTS: Please email us your order # and a clear photo of the defective merchandise within 48 hours of receiving your package so we can make this situation right. NOTE: The PRESSED ClawSet has extremely high-quality control standards. Each set is checked 1-3x before it ships to help avoid these issues.

EXCHANGES: The PRESSED ClawSet does not conduct exchanges. However we will work with you to solve the issue you may be having. Simply email us with your concerns.

LOST PACKAGE:  The PRESSED ClawSet is not responsible or obligated to replace or refund packages delivered to the address provided at checkout. If a package is marked “Delivered,” please first check your order to ensure the shipping address provided was correct.  If the address provided was correct, contact the local post office responsible for delivering the package (found in your checkout email).  After describing the situation and providing tracking, they will be able to assist you in recovering your package.